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ACHTUNG NEU !!! Legalisierung
[ 02.10.2005 ]
Die Legalisierung irakischer Zeugnisse und Dokumente von selbstfinanzierten Studenten und Bewerbern fr rztliche Weiterbildung erfolgt in der Konsularabteilung des Auenministeriums Iraks in Bagdad sowie in der Botschaft Iraks in Berlin.


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... trees out of the windows .. gardens on the roof tops  -  Great,  this European school from Friedensreich Hundertwasser ! - ... and from February physician  in the field of orthopaedic and trauma surgery at  PGD-Hospital here in Wittenberg -  really that is more than great. Syrian Doctor Ahmad Alhousein from Hama, January 19,  2012
Hanging Gardens in Wittenberg... like in Babylon?

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... frusted, where is my trunk .... Environmental Engineer Ghassan T. Salman from Baghdad at the Baltic Sea. Ahrenshoop  July 2008
Forgotten Trunk



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