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We seek physicians for paid jobs in German hospitals!
Medical Residence & Further Education - a Job at a German Hospitals
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Blocked Accounts for your Study and German Visa?
Scholarships via the German Industry
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Postdoc position in Infection Biology and Immunity at Humboldt University Berlin
PhD Position in Physical Chemistry at the University of Hamburg
PhD student in Physics/Chemistry/Engineering at ISAS-Institute, Dortmund
2 Years Postdoc in Brain Imaging at the University Frankfurt am Main & MPIA
1X Postdoctoral scientist in atmospheric sciences in atmospheric aerosols in Leipzig.
1 PhD position in Chemical Ecology offer at the University Ulm
Scientist position inm Molecular Plant Biology at the University Saarland
2 PhD positions Inverse Modeling and Tomography RC Juelich
Blocked Accounts for your Study in Germany
PhD position in identification and analysis of tonoplast protein complexes at the University Potsdam
PhD scholarships in "Biophysics and Soft Matters" at the HRS
15 PhD scholarships in "Research on Organizational Paths" at the FU-Berlin
1 x Offer for application Med Residency in Germany - Medical Specialty in Anesthesia
10 PhD scholarships "Information Techniques for Precision Crop Protection" at the University Bonn
11 PhD scholarships for Analysis of Cell functions by combinatorial Chemistry at the University Bonn
12 PhD and 2 Postdoc Positions for Statistics, Econometrics and Finance at COMISEF
3 Associated Postdoc Positions in the field of high resolution electrophysiology at Georg-August-Uni
1 x Post-Doctoral five years position in Life Sciences at the University Clinic of Bonn
5 Interdisciplinary Postdoc Fellowships at the University of Heidelberg
Good News for Iraqi Study Applicants- Visa in Damascus !!!
2 PhD Positions in biodiversity and plant-insect interactions at the University of Goettingen
13 PhD students and 7 post-docs in cell research coordinated by Ulm University, Germany
Three-years-PhD Position in organic optoelectronics & chemical physics at the University of Potsdam
36 fellowships PhD Program - DKFZ International Heidelberg
Three-years PhD position in NanoScience at the University of Osnabrueck
15 three-year PhD student positions – Nano-Engineered Superconductors IFW Dresden
12 PhD grants - "Organic Agriculture" in Germany and Oman
The Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster invites applications for 13 PhD & 8 MD Fellowships
University of Heidelberg offers 5 Stipends for doctoral candidates for 2-3 years for projects
12 PhD positions with scholarship at Hamburg University
Postdoctoral Position at Ulm University, Department Internal Medicine
3 Years PhD Fellow Electrochemical Solid/Liquid Interfaces - Research Center Jülich
2 Years Postdoctoral Position in Magnetic Resonance Imaging , University of Muenster 10/2006
Offer 9 PhD & 1 PostDoc-Positions - Hydromechanics / Modeling of Hydrosystems University Stuttgart
Professorship for Environmental Policy and Economics - ETH-Zuerich
Three-year PhD Position in Biogeophysics
3 years PhD Position in Social Science in Agriculture and Rural Development
PhD position in experimental Solid State Physics
Industry Finanzing for good students with Bachelor
3 years PhD Scholarship-ETH Zurich
Ernst Schering doctoral fellowships
15 B.I.F. PhD Scholarships in Biomedicin
Max Planck Institute International PhD Program 2006
8 PhD positions in supramolecular chemistry
20 positions in international PhD program
14 three-year doctoral scholarships (DFG)
Geschftsanbahnung Irak
Master in Deutsch oder Englisch!
Berlin Airports - Arrival Live?
ACHTUNG NEU !!! Legalisierung
Studienbewerbung aus dem Irak
Visa fr irakische Studienbewerber


Current news

Hallo Herr Luther - ... der Unfallchirurg Ahmad Alhousein aus Hama in Syrien zur Hospitation im PGD-Krankenhaus in Wittenberg - 28. September 2011
Ich und Luther in Wittenberg

Photo Archive
Doctor Michael from Hama and Doctor Muhamad Ali from Aleppo (Syria) - Winter in Berlin not only in the Friedrichstadtpalast. February 2, 2010
Syrian Doctor meets Syrian Doctor in Berlin!



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