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Technical Institute Baghdad - Cooperation Project

Building Bridges - know how transfer GERMANY - IRAQ

Planned Topics:

- Capacity Building

- Curricula

- Modern Machines

- CAD-Basics

- Transport

- Company Partnerships in Germany

- Dual Study Preparation for Germany

Mr Khairalla Salman (MSc) is responsible for the mechanical training workshop (lathe; boring, milling, grinding machines) at the mechanical department

Project idea: Mr Ali H. Tarish (MSc)

Higher technical education is offered in this technical institute in Baghdad (which awards a Diploma) covering up the fields of specialization in engineering. They are governed by the Foundation of Technical Education in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq.

These university level post-secondary courses are normally for two years and the students are normally 18 years old, 25-30 % of the study hours are for practical education. At present 150 - 200 students are working in the mechanical workshop .

Graduates of the mechanical department are for entry-level placement in foremen positions distributed in different factories and ministries in Iraq.


Current situation and the sketch-map of the workshop

(please click the red symbols for more information!):

Only 20% capacity because the most of the machines are out of order. Computer based machines are missing, modern concepts and hard and software for teaching is necessary.

There is a new supply of 25 computer but till now no training in the field of Autocad or other CAD

Year Country Manufacturer Type of work Machines
1976 USSR Silestra Sawing (Hacksaw)Saw blade length 460mm. S1
1976 Germany Schlenker Planning Mc. ATLASTable dim. 350* 500 P1
1975 USSR Stankoimport Planning Mc. Table dim. 350* 500 P2 &P3
1970 USSR MAS Manual Drill D1
1967 USSR MAS Radial Drill D2
1977 USSR MAS Radial Drill D3
1981 Japan IWASHITA H. Milling 250*1000 M1
1974 DDR WMW H. Milling340*1250 M2
1975 CSSR TOS V. Milling420*1600 M3&M4&M5
1974 DDR WMW H. Milling340*1250 M6
1976 CSSR TOS H. Milling240*600 M7&M8&M9
1975 CSSR TOS ZEBRAK V. Milling 240*600 M10&M11
1975 CSSR TOS Kurim Finesta V. Milling 260*900 M12
1975 USSR STANKOIMPORT V. Milling 300*1250 M13& M14
1981 Japan TAKISAWA Lathe TurningOne meter between chuck and Center T1&T2
1975 CSSR TOS Lathe TurningOne meter between chuck and Center T3 &T4
1976 CSSR TOS HOSTIVAR Cylindrical GrindingOne Meter between Chuck and Centre G1&G2&G3
1981 England JOHNS &SHIPMANN Cylindrical GrindingOne Meter between Chuck and Centre G4
1976 CSSR TOS Surface Grinding G5&G6&G7

Please contact us per E-mail in case you would like to participate in the project : Technical Institute Baghdad - Cooperation Project


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