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GERMAN LANGUAGE- DIFFICULT LANGUAGE, and it is more difficult for foreign students who wish to achieve their goals by using the German language.

The design of e-mails, letters, applications, complaints, appeals and your resum all play an important role in Germany if you want to achieve your goals.

The problems start when you are simultaneously trying to learn the German language and use it to write formal documents.

What is the most efficient way for me to apply for an internship or place of study?

Shortly before they are to begin writing their thesis, be it for a Bachelors, Masters, Diplom, Magister or Doctorate, even those who already live in Germany realize how difficult the German language is.

If you need professional support from our language instructors in both German and English, then write to the GASP Office Service. We can assist you, based on the extent of your academic qualifications

Yes, I would like to use GASP Office Service

Write to us - we will make you an offer !

Here is an overview of our prices :
(ask about the great discounts for our loyal clients!)

ServicePrice in Euro
Correspondence in the German language region, per letter15,00
Normal Official correspondence in Germany25,00
Letter of Application for financial aid (money) 75,00
Correspondence relation to the protection of your interests100,00
Correspondence with Health Insurance Fund10,00
Correction of your academic document, per normal page2,50
Editing, per normal page3,00
Consultation, correcting and design of Academic Flowcharts, per hour 25,00
Consultation and Preparation of your Presentation documents, per hour15,00
Design consultation on your Academic Work, per hour25,00
Consultation for the design of your Application for a Scholarship25,00
Simple application letter60,00
Application letter for graduates after attaining Bachelors, Masters, Diplom or Magister 120,00
Application letter for doctors applying for medical residency (medical specialization)130,00
Application letter for applicants with professional experience130,00
Application documents for interns (Pre-Study Internship, Semester Internship and Career Internship)85,00
Drafting a detailed cover letter 100,00
Design and Editing your resum (Curriculum Vitae)100,00
Layout and drafting your personal letterhead for your correspondence75,00
Layout and design of your personal business cards for your correspondence75,00
Optimizing your application documents100,00
Your e-mail application100,00
Specific field related scholarship research80,00
Specific field related patent research/patent specification (per document confirmation) 3,00
Analysis of legal status e.g. right of residency, per hour190,00
Specific field related research for academic publications120,00
Research on state-of-art technology120,00
Scanning your documents and converting them in a PDF document, per page1,50
Scanning photos and diagrams as an image document, per picture1,50
Costs of printing black/white, per page0,08
Costs of printing, per page0,75
Saving files on CD-ROM, (inkl. CD-ROM)1,50
Saving file on to disks, 3,5 inches (inkl. Diskette)1,00
Sending documents per express service International 3- 5 days 70,00
Sending registered documents internationally with advice of delivery 10- 20 days25,00
Sending documents per post 15-60 days (Please be aware of the possible risk of having your documents lost if they are sent in this manner) 5,00
Organizing translations and notarization of certificates and documents by a registered translator, per transaction, in addition to the costs for employing the translator75,00
Express Service50 % Surcharge

Who receives many mails in Germany by courier, we recommend him a p.o. box, for example:


You will receive an invoice from us via e-mail. Payments can be made either by wire transfer to our account in Berlin or by

Paypal Cashu Card

Cash payments can be made using Western Union Quick Cash or MoneyGram eMoney Transfers but please be aware that sending money in this manner entails wire fees that you are responsible for paying yourself. Please calculate these fees in addition to the amount to be paid, as quoted on the relevant invoice received from GASP.

All prices given by GASP have the statutory German value added tax included.


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