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Being mobile in Germany
Driving as a guest in Germany, with residency outside of the EU during a visit < 12 months

Driving as a student from a country outside of the EU, with a stay in Germany of < 12 months

Driver's License Service

Buying a Car

Rental Car

Automobile Club

Driving as a guest academic and/or professional, with residency outside of Germany and the EU, which are fewer than 12 months in Germany

In Germany, with a valid foreign drivers license you are allowed to drive motor vehicles that are equivalent to the classes of automobiles that you are allowed to drive in your own country (passenger cars, trucks).

Please Note: Please obtain and bring an international drivers license, in addition to your national drivers license.

Driving for students, doctoral candidates, doctors doing their medical residency from countries outside of the EU, with a stay in Germany for more than 12 months

Students must have their national drivers license converted into a German drivers license. The student has 6 months from the 1st day of arrival in Germany to do so. After entering Germany, the drivers license should be registered as soon as possible. If you forget to do so, then your drivers license will not be recognized in Germany and you will have to apply and pay for a new one.

You can save a considerable amount of money by presenting an international drivers license with your national drivers license. Then, when you go to convert your national drivers license into a German one, all you will have to do is a theoretical and practical test.

OFFER Drivers License Service!

We are happy to help be able to drive in Germany. If you need support in converting your drivers license into an EU in Germany, then get in touch with GASP Drivers License Service. Write to us!

You will receive an invoice from us via e-mail. Payments can be made by wire transfer to our account in Berlin.
All prices given by GASP have the statutory German value added tax included.

You already have your EU drivers license and you would like to be mobile in Germany, then you should consider if you can afford an inexpensive car. If you would like to know what a car costs in Germany, then take a look here:

AutoScout24 Automarkt

If you are a foreign student or professional who would like to drive in Germany or the EU, then you need a capable partner to help shield you from and help solve possible automobile problems. That is why we recommend Germanys biggest automobile association as your partner when dealing with all sorts of issues, not only when buying a car or resolving the issues that arise after an accident.


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Best prepared by Mr Mishra in Nepal - Language students in Berlin now! The GASP pick-up service package is a good chance for a Berlin City Tour - Pariser Platz - Brandenburger Tor in February 2, 2011
Team 1 from Nepal in Berlin

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Heba, Taim und Kais from Tartous now in Berlin at home. Family reunion from Syria - Thank you Embassy! Thank you Auslaenderbehoerde! Berlin, March 30, 2008
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