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Practical Training Service
If you wish to study in Germany, we strongly suggest that you thoroughly study the Conditions of Study regulations handbook from the university you wish to apply to.

PLEASE NOTE: In many cases, universities and technical colleges require practical experience before commencing studies.

The type of internship available varies:

PRE-STUDY INTERNSHIP is an internship that is either listed in the Conditions of Study regulations handbook of some universities as a pre-requisite for admission to chosen field of study and/or refers to an internship in a company that takes place before enrolment.

INTERMEDIARY INTERNSHIP - or a semester internship which is listed in the Conditions of Study as a fundamental part of obtaining your degree and will be carried out at a company during enrolment at a technical university.

POST INTERNSHIP or also a Career Internship is one which is listed in the Conditions of Study as a pre-requisite to obtaining your degree and which is carried out at companies without having enrolled at a university.

Thank goodness that there is a company that is interested in me, where I can, after having shown them what I am capable of doing, work during my studies and perhaps later start my career there!

OFFER ! Internships before studying, Internship Semester and Career Internships.

If you need professional assistance with securing an internship position, then turn to GASP Internship Service. Write to us!

You will receive an invoice from us via e-mail. Payments can be made either by wire transfer to our account in Berlin or by

Paypal Cashu Card

Cash payments can be made using Western Union Quick Cash or MoneyGram eMoney Transfers but please be aware that sending money in this manner entails wire fees that you are responsible for paying yourself. Please calculate these fees in addition to the amount to be paid, as quoted on the relevant invoice received from GASP.

All prices given by GASP have the statutory German value added tax included.


Current news

Green Week Berlin 2006, ICC Saal 6. Staatssekretr Strauch , Senatsverwaltung fr Wirtschaft, macht Vorschlge fr die irakische Unternehmerdelegation. Herr Dr. Saleh, Generaldirektor fr Forschung & Entwicklung des irakischen Landwirtschaftsministeriums (dritter von links), berlegt, wie die Vorschlge Berlins fr die Strategie der Land- und Ernhrungswirtschaft im Irak umgesetzt werden knnen.
Businessdelegation Irak

Photo Archive
The E-70 wind turbine ENERCON at the Baltic Coast in Mecklenburg - Wow ...-Great ...- That's Germany!"    (2 MW class Rotor diameter:71 m) Internship in Mecklenburg. Ghassan T. Salman (graduate in environmental engineering from Baghdad) in Ribnitz-Damgarten. Study preparation for the university Wismar. July 15, 2008
Windenergy - ENERCON - 2 MW - at the Baltic Coast in Mecklenburg



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