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International Green Week Berlin 2006

The Senate's Press Release

German companies and institutions that are interested in participating in this event are requested to fill in the form and fax it to us.

The Business Delegation will be led by the German- Iraqi Club Baghdad and the Chairman, the Dr. Abdulhaleem Aman ALHIJJAJ.

The delegation will be in Germany until the beginning of February 2006.

The business delegation has the following participants (as of 12.01.2006):

Photo Participant Company Function Company interests
ABDUL-HUSSIEN, Abdul Karim Al-Shalal Al Safi co. for General Trade LTD Trade Manager Fresh and Long-life bakery products, Machines and Equipment
AL HABIB, Ibrahim Shallal Midmak Group for General Trade and Agencies Chairmann Owner Phytosanitation, Pesticide Spraying planes, as well as Integrated Pest Management
AL ROUBAE Nabil AL-Takaful for General Contracts Ltd. Owner Desalinisation, Soil Analysis, Land Use, Joint Venture
ALANI, Tareq The German- Iraqi Club Translator specialised literature, German literature, Publishing
ALSSENAID, Ali Alssenaid Comm.Gr.of Companies Owner Dairy Conversion Plant and Dairy Products, particularly Yoghurt/Raw material for Protein Animal Feed and Animal Treatment
AREF, Dhia AL-Taiar Group (Alman Source .Q) Businessman Pumps and Irrigation Systems, Stone paver for Street and Housing construction. The import of Herbal Oils, Bottling plants
EDAN, Hassan J. Al Musaab Trading Agency Trade Manager Import pflanzlicher le, Abfllanlagen
FARHAN, Jassim Abouhassan Factory Sales Manger Abattoir facilities for Sheep, Materials for Leather Treatment, Direct Current Power Set
HAMZA, Salman Agriculture Engs. Synd. Agri. Eng. Integrated Pest Management, Phytosanitation.
HASIN, Naser Masat-AlmanSour Baghdad Company Merchant Apiary Accessories, in particular, Protective Clothing
Frau HOSAIN, Sahar Midmak Group for General Trade and Agencies Contracts Manager
HUSSEN, Ayad ABU HASSAN Factory Manager Small abattoir facilities, Leather Treatment and Processing
IBRAHIM, Qaiss R. Future Spring Company LTD for Trading Agencies & Gen. Trading Manager of Commercial Relation Seed importation, processing and storage.
JAFER, Ahmed AL Sadakeh Factory for Ducting Foreign Relation Poultry, Poultry facilities, Abattoir and Cattle facilities
MOHAMAD, Thamer A. AL-Badawi Co. For Medical Instr. Trade Manager
Dr. ALHIJJAJ, Abdulhaleem Aman President of the German- Iraqi Club Group leader The deepening of the cultural and economic relationship between Iraq and Germany
NAOOM, Jenan private Factory Industry Veterinarian Machines, Poultry mast, Dairy facilities, Dairy Processing Facilities
SALIH, Adae AL Maha Co. for Food Materials Trading Trade Manager Preserved Food, Preservation Facilities
SALIH Bader Ministry of Agriculture General Director Investigation & Development IPM, Soil desalinization, Irrigation, Dairy Cows, Sheep and Lamb breeding, Stationary and Mobile Laboratory and Experiment Technology, Waste Processing of biogenous raw materials, Training and Further Education

Green Week Berlin 2006 Photos

In order to make appointments during the Green Week, you are requested to submit your stand number, and the hall it will be in, when you get in touch with us by e-mail: Business Initiation International Green Week Berlin 2006-05-13

The Iraqi companies interested in products will be listed on the website from the 10.01 onwards.

In order to view the information and fill in the form, you need "Acrobat Reader", which you can download for free. Please click on the logo to download the free version of "Acrobat Reader".

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