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Prof.Dr. Hartmann im Gesprch mit Herrn Baker aus Jordanien
Prof.Dr. Hartmann im Gesprch mit Herrn Baker aus Jordanien

Hoffest Hoffest im Hellersdorf Hydraulic-Engineering at the Baltic Coast in Mecklenburg


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Green Week Berlin 2006, ICC Geschftsanbahnung Irak mit deutschen Maschinen- und Anlagenbauunternehmen aus Magdeburg (AAR-Montagen GmbH)
Businessdelegation Irak

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Today at 5 am Lufthansa passenger from Amman - today in the afternoon at 4 pm matriculated Master Student in Real Estate Management at the
HTW University of Applied Science in Berlin
Woow  I am Berliner now !!! - Thank you Mr Welschhoff. 
Ammar K.M.N. AL Mallak Iraqi National, holder of B.Sc. Building and Construction Engineering / Highways and Bridges Branch from the University of Technology  Baghdad 2003,
October 27,2009
Ammar in Berlin October 27,2009



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